2018 Editing Show Reel

A short compilation of projects that I have edited over the past 3 years. The majority of the content is made up of student film projects.


A Spanish flamenco dancer must re-live past traumatic experiences in order to discover herself again.


The story of a bounty hunter, a hitman, his sister, a stack of cash, and what happens when they all come together. 

Game of Kings

When chess becomes more than just a game in a society to dulled by violence to care.


After a sexual assault turns to murder, two college women are forced to confront their pasts.


The eve before the last day of a small town murder trial in Ovid, NY, a defense attorney, and his family are held hostage by an unexpected visitor until the attorney agrees to sabotage his own case.


A new take on Alice in Wonderland


A high school student must face who he is against the hatred of his peers.


A girl that thinks she is meeting her dad for the first time finds herself in a difficult situation.

Quiet Hours​

Everything that happens in a college building after Quiet Hours begins.